Artist Bio


Born June 7, 1973 in Hays, Kansas, Chris Haas’s earliest artistic influence came from his grandmother & his mother’s continued encouragement. The middle of three talented brothers, Haas’s art developed a personal style unhindered by sibling pressure or the inclination to emulate. Throughout childhood, Haas was never without a drawing tablet. In contrast to the simple Kansas environment, the characters he drew came from a wholly imagined distortion of reality and an innate compulsion to create.


In 1991, Haas graduated high school and moved to Southwest Colorado to snowboard the bottomless powder of Wolf Creek. Still driven by the desire to enhance his visual world and the constant need for an emotional outlet, he continued to solidify his own signature style. His use of illuminating auras and prismatic colors seem to glow from a childlike dream world, a vibrant land with no rules. The artist often employs text to convey the emotions inherent in a painting. Be it harmony or imbalance, the purpose of his art is clearly defined.


Haas's passion for art has now turned a preoccupation with collecting animal skulls into a parallel way of life. Using mixed media, the skulls are given the same mystical aura known in his creations. He provides the skulls a second lease on life, meticulously reanimating them back into our dimension. Realistic lion eyes shine out of a deer skull, resplendent on a scrolled mount with a jeweled third eye. The artist's intentional approach and devotion to expressively create are evident. He feels each piece is an apex in his lifetime journey to adorn all facets of life, even death.


Chris Haas lives in Pagosa Springs, CO with his multitalented partner, Ursala, & their seriously beautiful baby daughter, Amélie Soliel.